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2/2023 New partnering going forward in various fields

2/2022 Mr Jarmo Haapalainen joined GlobalMusicDrama Ltd as a partner, welcome! Our time goes to collecting associative services, making new financing plans with our new strategic partners.

7/2021 Preparing post-covid actions to New York

3/2020 Meetings and presentations in New York and West Palm Beach. Pitch&Mix Event on 3rd March in NYC - Welcome!

2-3/2020 Mr Jarmo Haapalainen joined Manon team by our commonly founded company GameCh.Inc, based in Jupiter, Florida. 

1/2020 A new LOI was signed. 

11/2019 A new profit share loan, a financial instrument, is created for investments for Manon -A New Musical. Sales & networking & partnership negotiations continues.

2019 Our Key Art won the Graphics posters 2019 Gold Award in USA.

6/2019 Our Manon project was introduced by the Finnish National Broadcasting company on 4th of June

read the article here (in Finnish). Active networking, the Manon story development and fundraising continues actively both in New York and in Finland.  

5/2019 The Inner Circle meeting in New York, with new contacts.

2/2019 Meetings in New York with Creative and Production teams. Negotiations took place with possible fundraisers. Participating DTE's Inner Circle meetings, collaboration negotiations. Material for sponsors is finalized. 

1/2019 Draft of sponsoring packages is ready for evaluation. Publishing agreements were made concerning musical dramas made by mr Sarmanto and mr Shure.

12/2018 Second Co-Producer agreement was signed. First draft of the renewed book was done.

11/2018 Visited New York, meetings with Manon creative and production teams as well as with existing and potential Co-Producers. New contacts met at Inner Circle and DTE's Super Conference.

8/2018 Co-Producer agreement for Manon was signed between Mr Tom Wilen and Manon in Manhattan LLC. Offering documents like PPM for investors were finalized. Budgets for further development, 3 to 4 week workshop and production itself were set. Visit in New York included also an Inner Circle meeting. First draft of Manon -A New Musical's creative work on the first act was completed. 

6/2018 Manon in Manhattan LLC Company matters were proceeded during visit in New York. Production Attorney's - and Excecutive Producer's - and operating agreements were signed. Dramaturgy and creative development work as well as preparing the offering documents for investments in order to produce an Actor's Equity's 4weeks lab/workshop and a full production have started. GMD joined Ken Davenport's Lead producer group -The Inner Circle. Tagline was updated into Manon -A New Musical. GlobalMusicDrama Ltd signs Music Rights Publishing Agreements concerning musical dramas (Foxfire Fable, John the Babtist and Carnival of Shadows) with composer Heikki Sarmanto and lyricists Kim Rich.

5/2018 The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture published to support financially Manon in Manhattan -project. Our big thanks for the Ministry for their continuing trust to this great project!

2/2018 Visited New York, two 90-minute presentations of Manon in Manhattan were presented in an Actors’ Equity Association 29 Hour Reading on February 13th 2018 at Theatre Row Theatres, NYC. The next phase in the development of this exciting new musical will be an AEA workshop in early 2019. 

1/2018 Visited New York, Partnership negotiations, Agreement for legal-business services with Peter Breger Attorney at Law, Key Art work with the Pekoe Group, Agreement with Music Director Andy Peterson. 

11/2017 Visited New York, Attended to DTE's conference on Broadway productions., Creative work for the 29hour Reading started with the book writer/director Andrew Frank and the Casting Director Howard Cherpakov, Market studying continues.

10/2017 Visited New York, Checking out venues, Building the New York team continues.

9/2017 GlobalMusicDrama Ltd signs General Management Agreement to Actors Equity's 29hour Reading with Jamie Cesa, CESA Entertainment, Inc. 

08/2017 Visited New York, networking and making new contacts, Joined Opera America. 

6/2017 Visited New York, making contacts, agreement with the Juilliard School representative.

5/2017 The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture published to support financially our Manon in Manhattan -project. Thanks for the Ministry for their interest and trust, and special thanks to all the helpers!

5/2017 Update to Ken Davenport's Co-Producer  Program (Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, DTE) 

12/2015 GlobalMusicDrama Ltd signs Music Rights Publishing Agreement on the 4th December 2015 concerning Manon musical drama with composer Heikki Sarmanto and lyricist Kim Rich