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Manon in Manhattan

MANON is a new musical based on the classic novel Manon Lescaut by Prevost in the tradition of Grand Hotel and Cabaret about a corrupt world in which all moral meaning has been lost and the existence of love itself is threatened.

Set in a modern day “Noirish” metropolis, Manon is about a woman whose goal is to use everything in her power to turn the tables on society and fight for what she thinks is right. Infused with an inspiring Jazz score by legendary composer Heikki Sarmanto –this is a Manon for our modern times.

MANON - A New Musical is a two act book musical consisting of a (13) member cast, an ensamble and a band that will set the sizzling latin-jazz score on fire! The added attraction of cutting edge hip-hop will generate excitement for all ages.   

Manon by lyricist Kim Rich and composer Heikki Sarmanto  emerges from the dramatic sounds and rhythms of the city of New York and the incredible diversity of its people. The story unveils the passion, the power, the danger—the very forces that wield the destiny of the leading characters.

Manon’s is a message of love, longing and hope. “I have love and been loved”, she sings, thus encapsulating the essence of her life. Manon is a story that has spanned countries and centuries, inspiring scores of artists in various media along the way. Manon has seduced generations in all parts the world since the 1884 premiere of Jules Massenet’s Manon in Paris, France and the 1893 premiere of Giacomo Puccini’s Manon Lescaut in Turin, Italy. 


The timeless, universal love story depicted in MANON will appeal to New York City’s most discerning audience as well as resonate world-wide.